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~$11.6MM in capital improvements
during FY22 and FY23

53 greenhouse compartments for
Research and Instruction

31 Conviron chambers.
16 held for flexible use.
9 supporting BSL-2 research.

100% Compartments with Cooling Systems
79% Compartments with
Supplemental Lighting

~7,500 sq-ft expansion for facilities by Georgia H.B. 81 Appropriation

58% of our chambers have dimmable LED lighting

The future location of the multi-disciplinary greenhouse will surround the recent cool-season greenhouse construction.
3D model visualization of Plant Growth Facilities new greenhouse.
CAES to Build A Multi-Disciplinary Greenhouse
Plant Growth Facilities will be adding approximately 8,000 square feet of greenhouse and support spaces tailored to agricultural and horticultural plant research at our Riverbend location. Construction began late-August '22. The facility will feature Wadsworth SEED environmental controllers, Adiabatic Cooling, Supplemental LED lighting, Automated-Irrigation Solenoids, Insect Exclusion, Sample Processing Spaces and more.
Pamela Lewis with student assistants Justin Cline and Ellen Jones.


2426 Growth Chamber Expansion

Our newest growth chamber facility was finished in November 2021. The area features 12 Conviron chambers, 5 of which are reservable for use by CAES programs. You can view time slots available for research and current reservations at our greenhouse and growth chamber reservation page.


Photos of the 2426 Growth Chamber Room Expansion


PGF Growth Chamber Availabilities



Get to know our plant growth professionals

Pamela Lewis with student assistants Justin Cline and Ellen Jones.


Graduation decor by PGF's Pam Lewis

Lewis has raised flowers and plants for the Graduate Recognition Ceremony for about 10 years now. All of the leftover plants are donated to nursing home and assisted living facilities in the Athens area.

Poinsettias are Lewis' favorite horticultural crop. In their natural environment, they flower in response to short day lengths. So preventing light drift in the winter months is paramount and achievable with the blackout tents we created.

The Plant Man Kevin Tarner


Lance Fountain

Lance was raised in Axson, GA. He earned his BSES in Entomology at the University of Georgia, where he worked for the University's Black Fly lab, Insect Behavior lab, and Insect Zoo.

Facility updates

Greenhouse M1 with the roof polycarbonate removed and the end wall replaced.


Greenhouse M1 thru M3 Polycarbonate Replacement

These greenhouses were built in 2008. Over time the polycarbonate has degraded from UV radiation. This impacts the quantity and spectral composition of the light transmitted through the polycarbonate panels to the plant leaves. CAES - Office of Teaching, CAES-Office of Research and Plant Growth Facilities are funding new paneling! Expected completion is early-June 2022.

South Milledge Greenhouses following the replacement of old polycarbonate panels.
Plant growth professionals working on the evaporative cooling pad update


Evaporative cooling pad update

Our facilities include 52 greenhouse compartments on three sites in Athens. Thirty-six percent of the compartments required almost 800 new cooling pads. Combining an order of this size allowed us to purchase with economies of scale. The savings were directed back into the cooling media by "double-dipping" many of the pads to extend their expected life from five years to an average of eight.

PGF's 1st Cool-Season Greenhouse


PGF's first cool-season greenhouse

Our facilities have expanded to include 600 square feet of cool-season greenhouse space to support Robin Buell's genomics research program. The greenhouse will be completed this May. These compartments will be a part of the larger multidisciplinary greenhouse expansion scheduled to begin construction in late-July 2022.

View Cool Season Greenhouse Photos

White Fly Grant


Whitefly grant

Thanks to a whitefly grant award, our entomology department's old greenhouse will be updated with supplemental lighting, area trench drains, insect-exclusion vestibules, new glazing and many other features. Following completion, the greenhouse will have five compartments all capable of BSL-2 certification.

View Entomology Greenhouse Progress Photos

Riverbend Soil Shed Update


Riverbend soil shed update

We have removed an unused raw material bunk in our Riverbend soil shed to increase the amount of mixing and sterilizing space and increase the amount of palletized media that we can have on hand.

Lewis Bartlett presents at the Young Harris Beekeeping Event last May. (Photo by Sidney Rouse) CAES News
Bartlett brings disease expertise to honey bee research, education
No line of research is too big or small for Lewis Bartlett — literally. From mammoth extinctions to the western honey bee (Apis mellifera), he’s published on a wide range of topics during and since university. But bees have had his attention since childhood.
2022 Marie Fort Garden Club Scholarship CAES News
Horticulture doctoral candidate awarded Marie Fort Garden Club Scholarship
Srijana Thapa Magar was named the 2022 recipient of the Marie Fort Garden Club Scholarship, presented annually to a student in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia Griffin campus. Thapa Magar, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Horticulture at UGA-Griffin, was thrilled to receive the award, which she said will help further her academic and career goals.
Although she has done extensive work in GMO advocacy, Van Eenennaam’s own research centers on a different topic entirely: genome editing. (Photo by Dennis McDaniel) CAES News
Science communication is key to public acceptance, innovation
Genetic improvement, particularly improvements related to animal production, has been one of the most transformational agricultural advancements in our history. The breeding of healthier, more productive livestock has been achieved through genetic selection over the course of time, both through natural genetic selection and through increased use of artificial insemination.